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“He pushes you and wants to see you grow mentally and physically. He reminds you, you are capable of everything you put your mind to, and he leaves a big impact on you for wanting to do better. He pushes you out of your comfort zone to help gain self-confidence and is always willing to practice. He is very patient, and caring, and will do everything to help you succeed. He breaks everything down step by step and you will never feel lost, you can always ask questions too.” — Iyah, 23

“I have been working out with Andre for almost two years and counting. Coming to his class has made me stronger, my endurance is noticeably better, and my focus has improved. The atmosphere is awesome, Andre is easy to talk to, and he consistently changes up the workouts, so you won’t get bored. He is professional but still laid back. He challenges you and takes you out of your comfort zone. Andre is always on time for classes, and he teaches you the techniques you need to know to be successful at becoming fit or taking it further as a professional boxer. I am definitely glad I joined his women’s boxing class, and I would definitely recommend it to others.” — Toy, 40

“After years of making excuses for putting my health on the back burner, I decided it was time for a change. Previously, I hated working out as I struggled with consistency and being overwhelmed by all that is associated with "change". The biggest thing for me was to alter my attitude and overall approach towards working out. Andre's training style is just what I needed as he challenges us to tackle the excuses, identify your "why", and work hard while enjoying the journey to a better "You". No matter the class size, you get the one-on-one attention that is needed and your own set of cheerleaders and accountability partners. I have never taken a class as challenging, yet fun as his. I now look forward to working out and I have already noticed changes in my mind, body, and spirit. Thanks, Andre!” — Nia, 20s

About Me


Andre Sanders

My name is Andre Sanders. I'm an MMA fighter, boxer, coach, and personal trainer and one of my main goals in life is to assist people on their journey to achieving maximum potential. I created Team Conquest as a way to build up a community of ambitious warriors who are passionate about improving their life. To further help improve lives, I added a clothing line with the goal of giving back a portion of my proceeds to help young athletes pay for sport related expenses. When I'm not off conquering the world I like to kick back with a good book or catch a good movie in the theater!

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